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Are you ready for Trump to lead the United States of America? Do you feel he’s going to bring America back and make America great again?

How have you felt about the state of the US in the past few years? Leave your comments below if you’re a supporter.


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13 thoughts on “Trump Supporters – Show Your Support for Donald Trump

  1. Mr. Trump, thank you for having what it takes to confront the politicians and issues facing America in a frank way. Few are willing to say what they honestly feel but instead seem to live in a different world and play down the realities of life out of fear of offending someone.

  2. America will be great again . Career politicians will be exposed. There’s a storm coming…..

  3. I think Mr. Trump will do a great job for the country based on what I see so far.

  4. We need a strong leader,someone who knows finances,and I love that he says what he means, instead of worrying if it is politically correct as we have become a nation who has to pussyfoot around everything as not to hurt ones feelings. Make us great again Mr. Trump.

  5. If Donald Trump did shoot someone down in the middle of the street, I would still vote for him!
    ( I would assume that he shot an Obama supporter or other supporter of Islamic terrorist activity.)

  6. Mr Trump, Look up the McCarran Walter Act of 1952. Jimmy Carter used it when the Iranians had our men as hostages to keep out people from Iran who tried to immigrate. It may ad to and strengthen your stand

  7. The people who want to keep leaching off our government by getting free housing and collecting a check to stay home have all the time in the world to protest the President (I’m sure most didn’t even vote). It’s just too bad the folks that want to make America great again are too busy going to work to get out to support Trump. But we are out here and we believe in what you’re doing!!!

  8. Donald Trump is the ONLY president in recent history with the BALLS to follow through with the promises from his campaign.
    He’s not going to be perfect in every decision, and no one could be, but he’s taking action against the lackadaisical attitude this government has had for decades. And the rest of the world nations are getting offended because he’s putting stop to the U.S. being the 911to world and letting them nurse from the big American tit.
    It’s out taxes that have allowed so many undeserving citizens and countries rely on us for their welfare and he’s making changes. I’m all for it!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank, Mr. Trump. Please continue doing what’s right for our people, our country.

  10. Thank God, I saw the light. I used to be a Democrat but after seeing how Hillary continues to lie, demoralize our nation, I have changed. I support Trump in putting us first through God and by not allowing illegals to come in and steal the ssn of others to claim dependents that are not theirs, to stop Muslims that will use women to destroy us through ISIS from entering our country without being thoroughly investigated. I am also overjoyed that he is exposing planned parenthood for encouraging abortions and helping pimps prey on our young. Obama care failed and Obama went to great lengths to bring our nation down through his so called brain washing equality stance. We are one nation, under God, that should rise above and will by putting God back into our system and keep dirty politicians out, like Obama and Hillary and Bill. And let the fake media, CNN, NBC, Etc face the consequences!

  11. To begin with I told many people before the election that even though they said there y President Trump would win that I knew he would ! My main reason though it may sound sort of bad , I said that many people would never say they would vote for President Trump but once inside the poll booth they would vote for him . I am from the south and believe in a strong military and don’t want my right to bear arms removed .
    Even though his approval rates are low I still think he is doing a great job ! At least we have a President that wasn’t a professional politician and more of a business man that stands by his word and is doing his best to keep his promises . I hope that he can do more to help us Vets , especially the Vietnam era ones like me that was spit on for wearing a Navy uniform

  12. Mr. Trump,
    Thank you for speaking the truth about Charlottesville. I admire your courage. Keep standing up for our Constitutional Rights!

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