Take a Trump Poll: Would You Vote for Donald Trump? 

Take the Donald Trump poll here on Trump Supporters, a website which claims no affiliation with any political parties.

As Trump says, “We don’t need any more politicians”. So, if you agree, will you vote in favor of him being the next President of the United States of America?

This poll began in June 2015, and will continue to take votes, uninterrupted. The votes are in no way modified by TrumpSupporters.com.

Will you be voting for Trump if he wins Republican nomination for President?


Would You Vote for Donald Trump?
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4 thoughts on “Trump Poll – Would You Vote for Donald Trump for President?”

  1. Margaret Keating · Semi-Retired at Curious Currency (FACEBOOK)

  2. I am Hispanic, I will VOTE for Mr, Trump, Illegals are ruining this country!! if lying to the authorities to get welfare (Illegal mothers of american born children) it is not a crime, then I don’t know what fraud is. I hate the way they are sucking up this nation, I respect this land that is now My country, I have earned my Citizenship, I raised my boy with three jobs and never took a penny from the government, I am a single mother and my boy is going to college this year, I am thankful to the USA and admire the guts of Mr.Trump to speak the truth.
    This country was built on capitalism, it is not going to work out trying to convert it to a socialist place, America has been the greatest place on earth and WE, must take it back to it’s roots. Nothing better than a successful business man to be our President.
    Mr.Trump PLEASE pull the numbers on how many billionsof dollars, the Mexicans (illegally here) get back from taxes each year, please, please tell your advisers to look it up, they claim dependents that do not live in the USA much less are they residents nor citizens, please check this and shut them all up! Mexicans are the ONLY allowed to do this!
    Mr.Trump PLEASE get the numbers of how much money is sent to Mexico from Illegals, that is money they have earned, yes, but they should spend it here, where they live, and instead they live OFF welfare, and jobs that pays them under the table.
    Looking forward to your triumph!

  3. I dont have a lot of money but I would be willing to donate to Mr. Trump run these selfish professional politicians out of office forever. Thank you sir for waking us all up!

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