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This is an unofficial page independently created for those who wish to support the efforts of Donald Trump becoming the next United States President.

Donald Trump announced on June 16, 2015 that he will be running for President of the United States of America. This blog was created the following day for American people who choose to voice and show their support, and follow general updates pertaining to Donald Trump. I will update with articles, speeches, news, videos and more, as much as possible.

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  1. I am ready for a honest Christian individual that can take this country back!

    1. Don’t look at me. Michael Smegma Pence, President of Vice. I am holier than thou art.

      1. Michael Smegma Pence has posted reviews of the Pocket Hose product. Those explain how he acquired his middle name and how much he enjoys using his pocket hose. Google and read them.

  2. I keep hearing a lot about candidates needing political experience.
    In my opinion in the past 20 years political experience is when our elected politicians vote for something that they really do not like or want – just so other politicians will vote for something they want.
    Voting in favor of something they do not really understand or have even read, just because their party leaders tell them to. i.e. Obama care.

    I do not believe the American people have honest representation in our government, all we have is a bunch of political aristocrats who will say anything to keep their social and financially profitable positions.

    In 2007 “Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, spend $3.1 million to support each House member and $9 million to support each senator.” . . “Back in 1963 when John F. Kennedy was president, the entire legislative branch of the U.S. government only cost $192 million, but in 2008 the legislative branch is projected to cost a whopping $4.8 billion.”(Richard Rahn, The Washington Times, February 11, 2007).

    We have only ourselves to blame for this, we keep voting for these people who make promises and tell great stories about how they are going to help us, and yet do nothing. They even keep getting voted in after they openly lie to us – You can keep your own doctor, The Bengasi attack was because of a video.

    I am sorry to say that I see no future for this country unless we can get leaders who will run this federal government more like a business, rather than a money pit feeding a select few.

    1. I believe that we need to clean house in Washington DC. We can’t do that by putting a president in place that has had any part of the destruction of this country over the last two terms of president Obama.

      Donald J Trump is the only hope that Americans currently have of rebuilding our economy, our security, and the values this country was founded on. We need to repair the damage that an anti-American president has caused and is continuing to cause to our once great nation.

      I hope that the American people make this plain to the GOP. We don’t want the government working against the citizens any more! We want a government that works for the American people!

  3. Hello Trump Supporters 🙂 Donald Trump is a God send and I believe God called him to this journey.
    I hear him talk and regardless of the verbiage he uses, he has called out the hidden topics in the corrupt political circles and has educated the legal and true American people no matter what gender or nationality. Donald Trump speaks for the American people who have been silent for so long, some stayed silent because they didn’t feel they had a right to speak, they were the no voting society. Well guess what “WE ARE AWAKE NOW” and Donald Trump awoke us with his alarming stats as to where America is headed. Thousands are signing up to vote for the first time in the General Election and tens of thousands are changing affiliation to Republican. The American people are speaking and Donald Trump hears us, he has come to give us a voice. A good read is “State of Emergency” written by Pat Buchanan, who gives a big picture of where America is headed. I turn a deaf ear to those who want to give their commentary but will not vote either way, why should they even speak, what difference are they going to make anyway for America. This is the chance to make America Great again. I’m 57 and want to see our jobs come back in order for our youth to thrive in their future, I want to see our legal true American people safe and our wonderful vets and military taken care of. I want to see the American happy with health, education, and America respected by other countries I want see America Great again. Thank you Mr. Trump for stepping up and speaking for me and millions of Americans, God Bless Donald Trump

  4. Why are people so upset that our president is doing everything he said he would.
    God bless Trump!

    1. Did Trump really promise to restock the swamp with his crooked friends? Did he promise to separate children from their parents and imprison the children? Did he promise to stop lusting after his daughter iwanka? Did he promise to bribe porn stars? Did he promise that a holier- than- thou evangelical could become president after Trump is impeached? Next in line, President of Vice, Michael Smegma Pence.

  5. doctors lawyers and everyone else who is tired of crooked po;iticians voted for trump. we are all sick of whiners. he won woohoo

  6. I purchased a “Make America Great Again” hat back in July, 2017. I still have not received it. Very disappointed!

  7. Donald now claims that the Lester Holt interview was “fudged.” The only thing fudged during that interview was Donald Trump’s pants. Someone (possibly McGahn) had to tell him later that he had admitted his corrupt motive in firing Comey, and completed the necessary proof for one obstruction of justice criminal and impeachment charge. Has Donald ever been potty trained?

  8. There is too much chaos with the firing, hiring, discord within all parties. Moderation in temperament and compromising is imperative to restore peace in this nation, not political extremism. We live in a day in age in which nobody can really understand anyone across the spectrum anymore to get anything accomplished! Men vs women! The quiet Christian fundamentalists vs. the flaming outspoken angry liberals! Groups so strong in upholding their beliefs that they feel like they may be killed if they do is predominate in this country. As far as government goes, people should continue to have freedom to practice their religion and belief system as they choose, but our government is one based on a constitution that was written based on the Holy Scripture, Both of which are being altered and destroyed to suit the immortal lifestyle adapted by a debased American culture where nobody wants to be judged or condemned as wrong. I feel like the country needs to revise its entire culture! Like we are in a “me too” movement, but what about a “what about you?” movement, or so many traumas and abused occurred so what about a “what do we do now?” movement. What happened to civility and respect and how to treat and give honor to people giving with graciousness out of humility and finding romanticism in that.

    The Brett Kavanaugh issue was a ludicrous case to draw huge media attention as a distraction. What was the age of the people involved? What was the brain development of a woman like at the time with her knowledge of the party or situation she was going into (alcohol, boys, girls, orgies)? Were their parents chaperones there? Did her parents know the social circles she was involved in? And who were this woman’s affiliates? George Soros, the Clinton Foundation?

    America needs to be Pro-America now and stand for the values it was based on which are Pro-God. Values need to be cleaned up and actions restored. Not anti-God/New World Order. President Trump is doing many good things with the right intentions but each citizen has to clean up their temple (body) in which they live. Why should people just flood into our borders to fix their personal and family problems? Most immigrants vote Democrat. Why don’t we support the Mexico government and nations to retain and cultivate their people in their own countries of their heritage? Can all weedheads now just immigrate illegally to Canada now? Get them out of here. And are we going to deal with marijuana patrols at the northern border?

    1. I most sincerely apologize if I abused the guidelines in my words above. I feel the first to admit that I am opinionated, but not usually outspoken, as there is always much as a citizen that I don’t know.

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