Christians Now Standing Stronger Than Ever Against Liberalism.

Christians Stronger Than Ever: Denounce Evil of Liberalism

The Trump Presidency introduced the world to the new notion that there is no longer such thing as “politically correct.” Quite possibly the biggest lie in American history is that America is a Christian nation. It is not a Christian nation. In fact, it is celebrating evil, and doing so with pride. The United States has become a nation recognized for legalization of abortion, embracing sin, and screaming in the streets for the right to practice abominations.

Overrun by political leaders who have subjected their states to a whirlwind of corruption, Americans sat silent for years, believing it wasn’t ok to vocalize their opposition to the Liberal agenda, lest they upset Democrats and call attacks upon themselves.

Enter President Donald Trump.


Join Together: Proudly Wear the “Make America Godly Again” Shirt

Make American Godly Again


From the youngest to the oldest Christians, tens of thousands have come out of their shells and learned in the last 4 years that the time to be silent is long gone. Many Democrats walked away from the agenda of the Left to embrace Christian values. Tens of thousands of people who previously stayed silent finally found their voice. Those once afraid to speak up began to proclaim with long overdue pride, “I AM A CHRISTIAN.” Street Preachers gained momentum as fishermen for Christ. The US President was fearless in his statements to bring Christianity back to America. The world watched as American Christians grew stronger. They followed suit and began speaking up themselves. Day by day, month by month, more people around the world proudly stepped forward, fearless of the repercussions they may face if they dare stand up for Christ. The persecution then became more vicious and Democrats sought to destroy any such promoting of Christian values, even going so far as to try shutting down churches during the pandemic.


The World Awoke to a New Kind of Pride

What the world has seen is a new precedent of Christian Conservatives coming together to hold firm to their values.

  • Churches now stand up for the right to worship, and oppose the enemies who attempt shutting them down
  • Parents defend children who refuse to abide by Liberal agendas
  • Children stand against the cult of Liberalism, even if it means losing friends or being mocked.
  • College students object to Liberal agendas taught on campus
  • Audiences growing larger and stand strong together

America’s Pastor Sued; Fought Back, Defended by the President

World renowned Evangelical Baptist Pastor, Dr. John MacArthur of Grace to You and Grace Community Church in California, may go down as one of the most vocal Preachers of modern time. MacArthur, who is over 80 years old, was fearless in taking on the California government who dared to shut him down during the covid pandemic. He defied the lawsuits and continued keeping his doors open to all who wished to come to worship the Lord. The threats continued, and President Trump proudly backed the church. Just recently, a ludicrous news story came out attempting to shame Grace Community Church by claiming they suffered an “outbreak,” after just 3 people out of 7000 church members caught covid. The godless media purported lies in order to cause others to stay out of church.

Watch: MacArthur Speaks on Trump & Democrats

Watch: Pastor John MacArthur’s church refuses to stand down– “List of Demands” from California government

What You Can Do

Stand together with one voice. Be proud to spread the message of Christ. Be bold and without shame in embracing evangelism! Continue to help spread the message and stand up for your moral obligation before God. Write letters, and sign petitions opposing proposed bills and agendas that are unbiblical. Do not be afraid to stand up to the Liberal bullies and profess Christ as Lord.

We are the followers of Christ and together we stand.

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