Christians vs Liberal Government: What Should You Do?

Churches Shut Down During Covid, Christians Bullied by Government– What Should You Do? (Videos)

London, England

Police threatened churchgoers with fines and ordered them to return to their own homes on the Good Friday service in April 2021. Watch the crowd disperse, as the church allows the government to shut it down. Police stood on the altar with guns and ordered them to leave.

England: Catholic Church Obeys Orders to Shut Down After Priest Allows Them In To Threaten Congregation


Canada Church Leader Outraged & Orders Police Out

Meanwhile in Canada, “peace officers” and police entered a church in uniform and got more than they bargained for when met with a righteously indignant Polish church leader who ordered them out. Artur Pawlowski’s comments afterward are below the video.

“How dare they! How dare they! Sick people!” “Wake up, rise up…. ” -Artur Pawlowski


Watch: America’s Pastor, John MacArthur Refuses to Bow; Addresses Government Control, Church Shutdowns & State of America

Well known for his adamant stance in defense of the Christians’ right to gather in worship to Christ, “America’s Pastor” Dr. John MacArthur openly defied the orders of California and faced endless harassment for continuing worship services at Grace Community Church.

In lieu of the state of the church and the Liberalism dominating America, Dr. MacArthur addressed the seriousness of government control.

October 2021: Senators Stand up Against Gay Liberal in Defense of Christians (Armed Services Committee Hearing)

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton blasts Brenda Fulton (Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Defense Nominee) for her derogatory statements insulting “white Evangelical” Christians. Fulton also called Republicans “right-wing anti-everyone nutjobs falling in love with a dictatorship,” in a Tweet which was exposed at her confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“You have a long history of offensive, inflammatory accusations against Bible-believing Christians,” said Cotton.

Senator Rick Scott (Florida) also lit into Brenda Fulton for her loathsome disrespect toward Christians. Watch:


Christians: Should You Obey God or Men? (Biblical Counsel)

Many are coming closer and closer to tackling the tough question: Should we obey the Bible or the government? What if Liberalism takes over and becomes law? What if we have no choice and are forced to do things against our will and conscience? What should we do?

Enjoy this Sunday sermon by Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church to get a clearer answer on how to handle your conscience as the government rejects the church and the holy things of God.



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