DHS Portland Harassed by Raging Anarchists on Inauguration Night

Portland DHS Deals with Raging Anarchists on Inauguration Night

January 21, 2021

The late night hours brought out Portland’s cursing, raging crowd of derelicts who showed up to harass DHS. Screaming at the top of their lungs from the streets in the early hours of January 21, 2021 the profane barbarians released some rage. With cell phones in hand, many in the crowd adorned themselves with stickers on their shirts marked “PRESS” while dressed in black clothing and hats, sporting gas masks. A BLM sticker is seen on one helmet, and the blood curdling screams of the hate spewing Anarchists echoed in the streets.

Tear Gas Causes a Stir

DHS fired tear gas at the crowd of demons who had seemingly surfaced from Portland’s abyss, which caused choking and gagging and complaints of breathing difficulties. Police pushed back on foot and bicycles. When one loud, explosive female finally got pushed back by police, she began to complain that they were bullies, and that she was “125 pounds” and “not a threat.”

As the angry swarm of swamp mosquitoes buzzed around and attempted to intimidate and terrorize law enforcement, referring to them “nazis,” “pathetic,” “bitches,” “fascists,” and “p*****s,” the crowd quickly panicked and ran when the police pushed back. DHS and police officers stood strong and unified as the sea of derelicts ran for their lives. However, they then corralled back toward law enforcement and continued their explosive rants.

The following video is found on youtube, recording Live from the midst of the chaos.




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