Supporters are Ready for Donald Trump Presidency

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Trump to Run for United States President: Trump Supporters are Ready.

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The news has spread like wild fire. Donald Trump plans to run for President of the United States of America. Articles are filling up Google quickly. 3.4 million people have shared the news on Facebook within 24 hours, compared to Jeb Bush who had nearly 850,000 shares. Trump searches on the internet shot up nearly 90%, according to the New York Post.

Donald Trump announced his net worth at over 8 billion in his speech. He has repeated some common statements in several interviews, including, “I am very rich”, “I’ve been working with politicians my whole life”, “No one can build a wall like I can”, Once we hit the point of 24 trillion, that’s the point of no return…. and it’s going to happen quickly”.

On Facebook, I posted a brief status asking for general opinions on people’s thoughts. The results included comments such as, “I think right now a good business mind is what we need”, “I would vote over and over for him”, “a big yes”, “I just watched his speech and I’m floored… He’s got my vote…”, “He has charisma which is something other GOP hopefuls lack and have lacked for years…”, He has my vote… We need a business man like him…”, “He is not doing it for the money. He is running because he wants to bring America up to the country we used to be”, “I have never voted in my life. But if Trump stands a chance, I will surely cast my first vote for him”, “He is using his own money to fun his campaign… we need a business man in office, not a politician”, Without a strong economy, we have nothing! Trump can deliver that!”, and many other comments showing full support and excitement about the news. A few people also stated, “I would not vote for him”, “Nope… too many people don’t like him”, and “No …. He knows nothing about diplomacy or policy development.”

At least for now, it seems that there is an overwhelming amount of people excited about the plans for Donald Trump to run for President. What are you seeing? Are the comments mostly positive or negative?
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