Donald Trump : The Art of the Deal and How it Can Change a Nation

The Art of the Deal : Learn How Donald Trump Thinks.

Donald Trump has put out several books over the years. Many have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Here is the book that made a bang over 20 years ago. True to his nature, Donald Trump is strikingly similar today to the way he was back then.

In a best selling book called “The Art of the Deal”, Donald Trump tells a story of how he made a boatload of money amidst a financial downturn in the 1980’s. The book still consistently receives high ratings and has continued to teach readers decades later.

One reviewer writes:

“Donald Trump provides for our benefit his eleven Trump Cards of success. They include thinking big, protecting the downside, maximizing options, knowing your market, using leverage, enhancing your location, getting the word out through a public relations/marketing campaign, fighting back, delivering the goods, controlling costs, and having fun….” 

Another reviewer writes: (2004)

Making a deal – whether it’s negotiating the price for your home or your car (which he talks about and we can ALL learn from) or negotiating the cost for services from contractors or subcontractors on your project (in his case a building, or in my case an album) or what have you, learning the “art of the deal” IS DEFINITELY what will make you money in this deal-driven world. Also, pay attention to how he managed to make a ton of loot DURING FINANCIAL DOWNTURNS IN THE U.S. ECONOMY! That is VERY important….”

Another reviewer, who gives it 5 stars says:

“If you want to get inside the mind and business dealings of Donald Trump. This is the book to read. It is very deep and he really gives you an insight on his day to day business dealings. If you read this book and apply some of his beliefs and strategies in your business career, you will be a smart more shrewd negotiator. The Art of The Deal is one of the best books on the Art of How to Negotiate in the business world. 5 Starts for the Donald”

Many people are repeating one another, saying that Trump should not be President, because he’s a business man. Think of those words again. He should not be the one to pull a nation out of financial crisis because he is a multi billionaire who knows how to create fortunes? Does that even make sense? What Donald Trump has done is taken project ideas and created end results. Thousands upon thousands of jobs have been birthed by Trump since his career began. He has taken empty locations and turned them into world renowned masterpieces bringing in millions.

Art of the deal Donald trump
How Donald Trump Thinks & Operates

The naysayers who claim he doesn’t know what he’s doing because he’s not a politician, may not realize that he knows exactly what he’s doing because he’s not a politician.

Crawl into the mind of a younger Trump in The Art of the Deal and see what he was saying before he created some of the most spectacular projects known to the world today. Remember when you read this book that these words were spoken decades ago. See if he stuck to what he said back then. See if followed through on his way of thinking. Compare it to what he says today. Then you will be more aware of what you can expect to see if he becomes President. Did he know back then that he would continue to create the massive empire that he has today?

Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal is an autobiography that describes the way things were back then. It may also give a glimpse of how he may be able to change an entire nation. Do you know of any other Presidents who think like this? How many other Presidents have held a track record of turning hundreds into thousands into millions into billions?

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