Donald Trump McCain Comment: What About Forgotten War Heroes?

The Trump McCain Fiasco Continues. Donald Trump Says Regarding Forgotten War: “What About Them?” 

In a recent interview, Donald Trump is adamant that he made no errors in his statements regarding John McCain. The controversial statement was made at Trump’s Iowa campaign event recently. The media has run full force with Trump’s “war hero” comment. Trump made the statement about McCain after McCain insulted Trump Supporters, calling them “crazies”.

“He’s a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured” -Donald Trump

Watch the Original Donald Trump McCain “War Hero” Comment on C-Span

Trump states in the recent interview regarding Veterans:

“the people that weren’t caught, nobody talks about them”.

He is avid on bringing the veterans to the forefront now, as well as shining a light on those war heroes who weren’t caught, and are now forgotten and ignored. What about those war heroes? You never hear about them. We agree, Trump.

Media stations and channels continue to do their best to attack Trump, while as of July 25, 2015, he is even higher in the lead. Trump Supporters aren’t backing down either. They’re prepared to defend Donald Trump and see him through until he is voted President of the United States.

What Are The Opponents Hiding? What Do They Stand to Lose? 

Many GOPs are calling for Trump to give up after his “war hero” comments. What will it mean for them if he does? American politicians will continue with the silent scandals and corruption which they may very well be benefitting from currently. Trump makes noise, and he’s an activist against corrupt government. So, why are they opposing someone who is so against the very corruption we all know is happening? Out of all of Trump’s political opposers who are making profits and getting favors for lining politicians pockets, which one would support Trump?

Donald Trump has the power to destroy what many have so skillfully covered up, simply be continuing to exploit the failed policies and unsuccessful political figureheads. And it may cost them a lot of money. Heaven forbid Trump should become President, right? Who will really be the losers if Trump wins? And, just what will continue if Trump backs out? How much money will it cost you if someone else wins?

Trump Supporters Not Backing Down, Even After Trump McCain Comment

Trump Supporters across the nation are nearly begging him not to let them down, and to follow through with his plan to “Make America Great Again”. Trump’s Facebook & Twitter followings are growing still. More American people are getting the guts to speak up. Many feel they’ve had enough of worthless politicians, who are all talk, while the USA continues the downward spiral in massive debt.

Watch Trump responding to Bill O’Reilly on McCain Comment 


Trump Isn’t Backing Down

Watch the most recent video with Trump’s authoritative response when pressured to admit he made an error. Aired on Fox & Friends.

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