Donald Trump’s Last Day as President (Speech)

Donald Trump Leaves the White House

January 20, 2021

Today marked a monumental day in history. President Donald J Trump, the target of a 4 year sabotage by the Democratic evils, has left the White House after the final sabotage on the US election. The attacks have been vicious, unconscionable and unscrupulous. Millions of Trump Supporters have waited impatiently wondering if there would be any accountability regarding the undeniable proof of the fraudulent election results. There was no such accountability. After President Trump was silenced by Social Media in a final blow, it became clear quickly that there is no “justice” in the United States.

President Donald Trump was, and will continue to be, a man of his word. He pledged to work for the American people, and he followed through. He fought hard, was the subject of repeated attacks, and he continued to fight. There has been no President in American history who has ever been such a target of ruthless, vicious, amoral sabotage.

Trump and Melania made their exit on their last day with an undeniable, unspoken message. They would not pretend to embrace the corruption, deception, and fraudulent crippling of the Trump attack. Melania refused to tour the new President’s wife through the White House, and Trump refused to attend the inauguration. This indeed emphasizes Trump’s commitment to stand on his own and put morals before “tradition.”

“We’ll Be Back.”

Trump Supporters cheered to hear his words, “We will be back in some form.” We expect to see a lot more of Trump as time moves forward.



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