First Trump Debate 2016 – Trump vs Clinton: What to Look For

First Trump Debate 2016 – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Presidency

The first Trump debate 2016 was held September 26, 2016. It wasn’t long before the debate got heated.

Hillary Clinton is seen in the first Trump debate with her typical controlled smile, while Trump hits her hard multiple times, mincing no words. Clinton used multiple angles not unfamiliar to those versed in very basic lawyer strategies. When she was put on the defense, she quickly but slyly attempted to go on offense, making manipulative and even false statements.


Clinton’s False Statements During First Trump Debate


Just a few of the false statements made by Hillary Clinton in the first debate were the statistics of property crimes (which she stated to be down 40%), as well as murder rates which she claimed were decreasing, contrary to the FBI website statistics.

Manipulation was her strategy in reference to the topics of racism, police policies, and more. When Trump mentions the need for law and order and mentions the dangerous conditions in the inner city neighborhoods, Clinton immediately plays on the emotions of those very neighborhoods, attempting to coerce them into believing that Trump’s words were against them personally. She slipped in “racism”, and mentions that it’s a shame how he sees the black community, and that they have nice black churches. Cringe-worthy is an understatement. Even Trump let out a grunt of disgust at her weak attempt of crowd-pleasing manipulation.

Watching Clinton’s Tactics and Strategies


In the first Trump debate 2016, Clinton’s weak strategies were quite transparent, right down to the slow-blinking of her eyes; a typical tactic used to get someone to trust you as a non-threat.

Watch for body language, nervous writing on paper, and purposeful smiles interjected during moments of guilt.

Watch also for her to nod her head when she wants the audience to agree with her position, a tactic used in persuasion. Also, she uses a pathetic self-made catchphrase, hoping for a positive audience approval:

“I call it Trumped up, trickle down.”

This was perhaps the most ridiculous thing said during the entire debate, as she appears to wait a second to see if the audience will laugh in agreement, and proceeds when she gets little to no reaction.

On a few occasions, her disgust is seen in a stone cold stare in Trump’s direction, but she quickly jumps back into “smiling mode” once attacked for things like her publicized ISIS plans, email scandal, and much more.


Have a listen to the first Trump debate 2016 below if you missed it.



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