GOP Candidates Desperate to Get Trump Out

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GOP Candidates Desperate to Get Trump Out So They Can Have a Shot at Presidency

It was a perect time to strike while the iron was hot when Donald Trump made remarks against McCain, calling him a “war hero, because he was captured”.  GOP Candidates used it as a prime opportunity for a chance to get the spotlight shined on themselves. Many GOP candidates went so far as to say Trump should be automatically disqualified for his McCain comments.

Knowing that a topic such as war is a sore subject, the group of politicians attempted to try to annihilate Trump’s position, turn Trump Supporters against him, and get the frontrunner out of the game. It’s a typical political maneuver used by opponents to get the votes, but it’s not working so well. It seems Trump has rattled the hornet’s nest, as Trump Supporters are calling out McCain in social media, forums and even YouTube comment threads. The word “traitor” has become common in the response to McCain’s character. While Trump did say that all Veterans are heroes, including McCain, it is evident that McCain still isn’t a crowd favorite, as other veterans are so badly mistreated, while McCain lives high on the hog.

Trump also emphasizes that the McCain comment was made after McCain called Trump Supporters “crazies”. Trump believes McCain owes an apology to those who take a stand with Trump.

Donald Trump on McCain War Hero, and Veterans Being Treated Like Third Class Citizens

Donald Trump ripped the bandaid off the wound that’s been covered up for too long; Vets are treated unfairly, and have to sit in medical offices sometimes for days. This is an issue he continues to impress upon as the media after the backlash he faced previously about closing the borders. The media, in the meantime, continues to parrot the phrase “firestorm“, in desperate attempts to jack up their ratings and get views.

The comment made by Donald Trump on John McCain resonates with many Veterans who have been ignored and unable to get proper medical attention. They serve our country, fight for our freedom, and are still made to wait for medical treatment. Trump also emphasizes that the Veteran’s Association has had no major impact in fixing the problem.

Media Continues to Appease the Haters

Many news reporters are continuing to play the politically correct role by attempting to slam Trump, in hopes of gaining supporters. The numbers look good for their ratings, and more money comes from the controversial attention. The Trump Supporters aren’t having it, and have begun calling out media on their shady tactics and unwillingness to speak in support of Trump.

The Trump Wagon is Getting Bigger

The going consensus still stands that Trump speaks out loud what Americans have been thinking, but are too coerced by society to say aloud. Illegal immigrants in many cases have in fact, participated in crimes, and this is an indisputable fact that Trump has brought to the American spotlight. Droves of Mexican Americans who continue on as Trump Supporters have vowed they’ll back his statements, because they feel he’s right, and the illegal immigration has to stop.


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