Hillary Clinton : Potential Doom (Take a Poll)

Hillary Clinton’s Views and Why They Could Spell Doom: Just the Basics

“We have to prevent the Republicans from rolling out the progress that we’ve made.” Hillary Clinton is specifically trying to manipulate America into thinking that Obama has made progress in this country and that we are in a good state. But, we are not surprised.

Alarming Statements by Hillary Clinton in December Debate


Hillary is against repealing the Affordable Care Act and will leave it in place, supporting Obama.

Hillary says she will offer a $5000 tax credit to help people with high deductibles. She says insurance companies don’t have enough competition and should be regulated. With deductibles up 67% Hillary Clinton simply calls this a “glitch”.



Hillary Clinton says Republicans will continue to let people who are on the no-fly list buy guns. Be forewarned. She is advocating for gun control. Any changes in gun ownership may start out small and turn into many more Americans losing their guns, possibly facing a ban on certain guns. American gun purchases have soared in light of this possibility. While the constitution protects our right to bear arms, it is not impossible that the type of gun one owns may be restricted to certain choices for legal gun owners. This may mean that those with permits may have to turn in guns they’ve legally paid for if a ban takes place. If further detail is not given, Americans can possibly even assume that antique guns or collector’s pieces also may be at risk of a ban.

Hillary disagrees with gun owners who feel that guns make Americans safer. There are too many shootings as it is, she states.

She did not acknowledge guns purchased illegally by criminals who obtain them on the streets, but rather seems to imply that gun owners in general contribute to crimes.

Hillary Clinton says that “arming people isn’t the appropriate response to terrorism”.

She also will not give gun makers or sellers immunity.



Hillary claims she will –

1- “go after Isis and ‘deprive them’ of the territory they occupy now in Syria and Iraq.”

2- “go after and dismantle their global network of terrorism.”

3- “do more to keep us safe.”

She then states she has specific plans on “what to do”, and once she begins to describe it, she immediately shows hesitation and nervousness.

She further says:

  • We have to have an American led “air campaign” with Arab & Kurdish troops on the ground.
  • We have to “go after everything from North Africa to South Asia and beyond”. (This is a broad statement and may reveal she has unspoken motives.)
  • We have to “share more internet information”.
  • Work more with tech companies to understand “who is saying what and what they’re planning”. (While unconfirmed, this may imply more government spying on American internet usage with Isis as an excuse.)
  • Work more closely with Muslims. She actually went so far as to state that they can be an “early warning signal”. (Have they warned us so far, as we have watched worldwide murders from Isis?)
  • She will simultaneously go after Assad, though they are not coming after the USA. (Bernie Sanders opposes this, and argued to focus all power on taking down Isis, and stay out of affairs of Assad.)



Hillary objects to Trump’s views on radical Islam and implies that he is attempting to scare people about a war against Islam. She disagrees on this, stating it “fans the flames of radicalization” while calling him a racist. Alarmingly, her tone suggests that she actually seems to minimalize and downplay that dangerous Islamic issues exist.



Fact: 35% of Americans agree that no Muslims should be allowed into the country until the Isis situation is under control.

While on this topic, Hillary says Trump “uses bigotry to inflame people”. She implies that the more Muslims in the country, the more people there will be to encourage to report suspicious activity. She believes that we must ensure that Muslims don’t feel “left out” because we “need their help“. She implies that Muslim people who come in are an asset, as if they can provide some secret tips. (The suggestion of such a thing could be refuted by asking what kind of assistance Muslims have provided so far to prevent mass murder.)

Hillary also stated that the best thing George Bush did was to reach out to Muslims and say “…You are our partner”.

Clinton also added that Trump is becoming Isis’ “best recruiter” because Donald Trump’s videos are being shown to Muslims. One might assume she is fearful that if Muslims see the videos of Trump’s statements, then terrorists will get angry and retaliate or grow in size. One wonders why a potential candidate would attempt to stifle another potential candidate about the danger of extremist terrorists.  This could even be an extremely dangerous secret that she may have inadvertently leaked out with her very own poor use of words. Who is she protecting? Why does she not want to speak against terrorists? Why does she feel that Muslims who hear Trump’s claims against terrorists will be upset over it?



Hillary doesn’t believe that Syrian refugees should be stopped from entering into the country. While she believes in tougher screenings, she believes they should be allowed to freely enter the country. She admits that this screening process would take up to 2 years to institute a vetting process, and that they should still be allowed into the USA in the meantime (even without vetting). She says once the vetting is done, then we should pay most attention to those without homes or jobs and make them our focus. Meanwhile, how many Americans still cannot find good paying jobs? Shouod bringing in refugees and finding jobs and homes for them be the prime focus of our government? What about those who cannot afford to pay rent, who are US Citizens? What about homeless veterans who can’t find work? They were not mentioned. Meanwhile, Donald Trump places high focus on our Veterans.

Hillary believes we shouldn’t turn into a nation of fear just because we allow refugees to freely enter. Yet, by her own words, vetting wouldn’t take place for another 2 years, causing more fear of potential attacks committed by terrorists sneaking in under “refugee” masks. Trump points out however, that many of the refugees are strong young males coming in droves, and they are not mostly women and children, or seniors.


More frightening viewpoints of Hillary Clinton can be seen in her debates. After listening closely and watching her body language and manner of speech, it is alarming, to say the least, that she may be attracting so many voters. However, while the polls show that Hillary Clinton is in the lead on the Democratic side, interestingly, commenters on many blogs, social media and YouTube videos show a very different story. Most are calling out for Bernie Sanders to be Trump’s opponent, if Trump is still on top.

Disgust toward Hillary Clinton is not only apparent, but shows that American citizens are speaking out a very different message than the “polls” are showing.

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