Hillary Won’t Protect Blacks Lives, Lies About Crime Stats

Hillary and Blacks: A Chilling Discovery During Her Debate Comments

After the Stop and Frisk discussion in the historical first debate of Trump vs Clinton 2016, a startling revelation came to mind. We are asking the American public to assist in piecing together the motive for Hillary Clinton’s statements, in order to shine a light on the underlying dangers.


Trump Wants Decreased Deaths

Trump made a desperate plea to urgently clean up the crime in inner cities. His Supporters agree.

“our inner cities…. African American & Hispanics are living in hell.” -Donald Trump


Video segment (below): At approximately 1:09:00 (one hour, nine minutes into the video) Donald Trump speaks adamantly about the crime taking place in inner cities that must be stopped. To the surprise of Trump Supporters, Clinton responds with a startling rebuttal.


Hillary Dumbs Down Black Deaths, Lies About Statistics (Proof)


Hillary immediately appeals to the emotions of black voters, showing a false pride in the black community. However, she made a big mistake which revealed something unfathomable, and no one seems to know why. Instead of standing up for minorities, she dismissed the problem, in order to play a psychological manipulation on the audience. Hillary stated it’s “unfortunate” that he’s “painting a bad picture of the black community”. She brings in the “vibrancy of the black church”, completely dismissing the thousands of lives lost due to violent crime. Let’s be very straight, here. They’re discussing crime rates and she doesn’t think it is good for Americans to discuss this? Wait just a second.


Respectable people of any race do not want crime in their neighborhoods. Clinton blatantly glazes over this, as if to say, “Who cares? Let them get shot at.” One must be very perceptive to pick up on the exact wording used by Clinton, as she imperatively minimized this lethal issue of deaths and shootings. What’s her angle? Why would she not want to protect innocent lives?


To protect the innocent, things must be put into action to stop the violence and bloodshed; not ignore the reality. A good example is the loss of lives in Benghazi which were dismissed as bad timing and unfortunate luck. Hillary Clinton made serious mistakes. Those mistakes costed lives because proper steps were not taken to protect those in danger. Much like the Americans in a war zone who had their lives taken, who is going to help the good folks in inner cities to be protected from shootings? Who is going to get the people the urgent protection to minimize deaths? Inner city residents are forced to live in fear of flying bullets. Hillary wants to paint a picture as if it isn’t happening.

What Will Hillary Gain By More Black & Hispanic Deaths?


We urge you to think about this. Trump wants deaths reduced. Clinton inadvertantly says, “Stop painting a bad picture”. She looks away from the audience’s eyes when she addresses it, and brings up a silly example of “vibrant churches”, which has absolutely nothing to do with crime. This is clear avoidance of a deadly issue. Why does Hillary want to sweep such a thing under the rug and leave the cities to fend for themselves? We believe this is exactly what she will do if she gets into office. However, she will do so under the guise of “nondiscrimination”, one of the biggest smokescreens in the democratic political arena. Make no mistake. Someone is gaining something, and it’s not the minorities.


Who Benefits if Crime isn’t Stopped? Your Attention is Needed.


There exists one potential reason for Hillary Clinton to want to silence such an issue: She will be benefitting somehow. But, what will she gain by not protecting the blacks, so the death toll rises? Ask yourself. She must somehow benefit if no protection is given to the highest criminal neighborhoods. She wants the spotlight off of the criminals, at all costs. 


It is up to the intellect of the American people to come together and figure it out. How will Hillary Clinton benefit if the government does not enact ways to protect the lives of inner city residents and minorities? How will she lose if more police are patrolling the streets and extra protection is placed in high crime areas? Have you thought about this?


Blatant Lie Regarding FBI Crime Statistics – 40% to 4%

Fact: In the segment we point you to, Hillary stated on camera that crime was reduced and property crimes were reduced 40%. Read our findings directly from the FBI website revealing the accurate number to be 4.3%.


“This latest report reveals that the estimated number of violent crimes reported by law enforcement to UCR’s Summary Reporting System during 2014 decreased 0.2 percent when compared with 2013 data. And the estimated number of property crimes decreased 4.3 percent from 2013 levels.”


Questions We Need Answered:


  • Why would Hillary blatantly ignore the danger to blacks and Hispanic?
  • What reason would she have to blow off this issue and lie about the FBI statistics?
  • What might Hillary gain if she is elected president and downplays crime in communities of blacks and minorities?
  • What might the Hillary administration gain if blacks are not protected from shootings?


Begin at 1:09:00 and pay very close attention to Hillary Clinton’s immediate minimizing of the threats to blacks. Pay close attention also to her choice of wording. Help by giving your assessment as to exactly what may be going on, and what’s being hidden. What are your thoughts? Help shed some light on the issue.



Life in the Inner City: A brief look.

A brief look at life in the inner city. A young man says he doesn’t feel safe. This issue has obviously not gotten better since this recording.

Caution: Video contains adult content and may not be suitable for younger viewers. (Gunshots, profanity)


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