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Americans Propose Immediate Work to Commence: Make America Great Again.

Guide to M.A.G.A., Start Now.

Make america great again

In order to make America great again, Americans have to do their part in getting educated on aspects of business, investments, money saving, and money management. But even more, to begin we must aim for a higher standard. That means increasing our own productivity, and thinking in a way that focuses on having a better life, starting with ourselves.

  • Our streets are a disaster.
  • Neighborhoods could use help.
  • People are in need.
  • Uniting of citizens is needed.
  • Respect is needed.
  • A cleanup is needed.
  • Start in your own town. Now.

If we are to make America great again, we can follow some of these steps, beginning right now. These are the most basic things that we so easily forget, yet was once part of what made America great.

1) Keep America clean. Clean your properties, and remove unnecessary trash or debris. Have pride in your lifestyle. Start at home. Start in your car. Get out there and start cleaning up your street. Help your neighbor do the same.

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2) Train youth to show the utmost respect at all times to their elders. Teach them to show a humble spirit by setting the proper example. Refer to your elders as Ma’am and Sir, as was done in the earlier times. Who says we can’t go back to then?

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teach kids respect

3) Offer to help your neighbor. Don’t stand by idly when someone needs assistance. Pull together for strangers. Donate your time to projects that you know how to help in.

maga make america great again

4) Respect authority. Do not engage in public outrages, loud protests against authority, or bullying. Know when it is the right time to curb your passion on a subject, and disengage when fires are fueled.

5) Be proud of yourself, and carry yourself with dignity, self respect, and a polished image.

6) Do not be afraid to say, “God bless America.” Do not be ashamed of your faith. Do not let anyone embarrass you into remaining silent of your faith.

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7) Do not be coerced into supporting things that you don’t agree with. You have the right to decline to support something you don’t agree with, without being intimidated, screamed at, or bullied into going against your conscience. Part of turning America back around is to reverse society’s bullying, and stand for your own morals and values. 

8) Give more time to the elderly. Pick up the phone and call a veteran just to say hello. Stop by for a visit. Bring a homemade dessert and a container of milk.

MAGA Make america great again


9) Try to trust more. If someone calls you to say hello, embrace such an act of kindness, and do not be so quick to assume someone wants something.

10) Slow down. Don’t be in such a rush. Take time to listen, and start being concerned for the welfare and wellbeing of others. It isn’t all about you. Make someone else’s day memorable.


Commit to Make America great again. Take pride in our country by starting at home, in your own life, in your own town. Give more. Take less. Make it matter when someone does a good job. Thank people more. Mean it.


We need your input. Help us in the commencing of turning America around. How else can you contribute to make our nation more beautiful, united or respected? There’s no better time to start to “make America great again” than right now. 


This is only the beginning. Follow us for more articles coming up on how we can assist in turning America around, starting with ourselves. You can make a difference. Get your friends and family involved. Start now.


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