Massive Trump Boat Rally Draws Boaters in Florida

Florida Boaters Take Trump Boat Parade to Whole New Level

Trump boat parade rally
Photo courtesy: Youtuber “Rough Inlets”

A sea of Trump flags and American flags flew over the waters in multiple Trump boat parades, but boaters at Space Coast Florida have quite possibly broken the records. With hundreds of Trump Supporters steering and waving from the vessels, a sense of pride takes over for our President when flags fall from the air overhead. A helicopter dances above the Trump boat parade as the trails of white water leave a historic mark on sunny Florida.

Video courtesy Youtuber: Rough Inlets

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Trump Parades Picking up Steam

With the election coming soon, the United States has seen a massive uptick in Trump Supporters lining up in cars to wave their Trump flags proudly. American flags fly from windows of vehicles in Trump Truck parades as citizens take to the streets in dedication to the President.

Are you ready to arrange your own Trump flag rally? Here’s how:

  • Buy your Trump flags
  • Set your rules (ie: stay in lane, no stopping, etc)
  • Call police to alert them of your event
  • Pick a place to meet that will accommodate many vehicles
  • Set a date
  • Create a Facebook event page & ask friends to share.
  • Share the invite on Trump Supporters pages
  • Decorate your car or truck with flags and have a great time!

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