NBC News Trump Interview: Reporter Made Fool of.

NBC Trump Interview: Katy Tur Antagonizes Trump in Attempt to Humiliate. Plan Fails Miserably.

NBC posted an interview on YouTube on July 8, 2015 which may show just how aggressive Donald Trump can really be, no matter who is attempting to discredit him.

Katy Tur, the snarky antagonistic reporter from NBC, attempts to back Trump into a corner with her patronizing questions and statements, which come off as rude and unprofessional. Her inability to intimidate Donald Trump is almost immediately apparent upon the first sign of taking shots at America’s most loved and hated multi billionaire. Within 45 seconds, she asks:

“How can anybody take you seriously if you’re not out there showing your face?” — Katie Tur

But as the video unfolds and gets heated, it is clear that Trump is in no mood to be mocked. 

Katie Tur, NBC Reporter, Reaction to Trump

The mini skirt, stiletto-wearing reporter gets noticeably rattled when she begins tripping over her words three quarters of the way through the interview, when Trump shines the spotlight on her errors. She does her job and keeps that smile going, staying calm in the process. When she curses on air, using the word “pissed”, Donald Trump is quick to point out her unprofessional slipup. Trump alleges she has her facts wrong, and reprimands her, while making it quite clear he has zero tolerance for instigators. She tries to call him out on facts, and is unsuccessful in proving him wrong with any well researched facts of her own. All she has is allegations, attempts to play with words, and no proof.

Was Trump Being a Bully on NBC News Interview?

If one listens to the tone that Katie Tur clearly uses from the beginning, her disgust with him is evident, even while wearing a pretty smile. It’s clear Donald Trump never saw this coming in this interview. He responded to the sugar coated attack with a demeanor that says one thing: “I don’t intimidate very easily, but nice try.” Media and anti-Trump websites may use this as an opportunity to bash Trump, hurling more insults at him, using clips from the recording that don’t show the full picture, and attempting to discredit him even further.

TrumpSupporters.com is watching actions and reactions closely, and this is one very clear example of how the reporters will attempt to do or say anything to try to obtain more fans, including using the shock treatment. While I’m sure Ms. Tur is just doing her job, the clear disrespect she showed for Trump was indisputable. Will she gain fans from opposers? Of course. It is the obvious mission that one can clearly see from moment she tries to devalue him as some sort of joke. Perhaps she will think again before attempting to make a mockery of a person who eats big league corporations for snack.

Watch the video:

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