New Trump Movement Begins After Trump Ditches Debate

Trump Shocks America into Waking Up; New Trump Movement to Begin –  2016

Donald Trump has announced that he will not be participating in the Fox News Republican debate hosted by Megyn Kelly. Instead of entertaining an event where a potentially record breaking amount of attention will be placed on himself, he has chosen instead to turn the attention to war veterans who need help.  With the shocking news comes a wakeup call to America, and a new Trump movement is to begin.

Trump Backs Out of GOP Debate, Puts Spotlight on Needy Vets

Trump has made a statement loud and clear. But the media has made millions using partial statements against him, creating an image of a bigoted hothead. Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands still stand behind his true motives; to turn America back to a better time and place. In light of this, Trump has chosen to turn the fight around and focus on what matters most. Fight hate with a chance to do good for those who least expect it, and make it count. The Trump Movement aims to do just that. There may be those who choose to rally up supporters by pulling a humanitarian effort, however Trump admits he is self funded and will use his own money to help veterans who have been ignored.

The Trump Movement


While clearly under attack by some Fox News Trump haters, Trump is aware that he can either give the caddy attackers what they want, or he can take this as an opportunity to show America what can be done in the face of opposers: Allow them to walk all over you and give them the attention they want, or walk away and go give to someone who needs your help. 

Without hesitation, Donald Trump has chosen by his own actions in this situation to teach America a lesson, while risking losing attention by potentially millions of Fox viewers. When you’re faced with hate, go to someone who needs your help and do something. If you’re being bullied, harassed and hated, go help someone. Find someone who can benefit by what you have to give, and make it count. Consider those who are also victims, and step forward to help.  

Lesson to America’s Children

A child is bullied in school. The bully obtains laughter, and lots of attention by the crowd. The victim walks away, instead of giving the attacker what they want. The victim finds someone who needs help and steps forward. Putting someone else’s needs before his or her own situation, the child sees an opportunity to take something bad and turn it into a life changing event for someone else. Thus, the movement has begun to take attention off the attacker, shine a light on a new cause, and get others on board in support.


What Can This Teach to Adults?

While just as many adults feel victimized in the USA, many have turned to hatred. Divisions and animosities have been on the rise. Racism has run rampant. The country has become divided. Instead of helping those in need, adults have supported stereotypes that have caused anger and contention against others. Morals have disappeared into thin air. Behaviors have changed. The nation has become angry and raging, and attention has been taken away from those who need our help.

Adults are what molds our children’s minds. They are the role models that have caused many children to mirror their actions. It is the time for Americans to set a new example for the future generations, and to be the generation that brings back the good name of America.

This is the opportune time to take this country and turn it back around into a country of respect, dignity, and good moral values. This does not signify weakness. In fact, it signifies strength, power, and an ability for the world to watch as “We the people” carry the torch toward a nation that will not tolerate imbalance and unfairness. Victims need our help and we mustn’t stand by and do nothing.

Who are the victims that need our help? Look around and you’ll find plenty. Start thinking outside the box. Who needs your help?

Trump Sets Example

The Trump Movement herein begins in the lives of those who value what’s right and will stand against what’s wrong and what’s being ignored. The movement is one that stands to teach America a lesson that can help change the face of morality in our country. There will be those who say “He is weak! He walked away! He won’t fight back!” Those are the bullies; the ones fueling the fire of hate. Those are the bullies who chose to point and laugh at victims in the school hallways. Those are the very bullies who have victimized people for long enough. They want attention, and they want gawkers. The Trump Movement walks out on the attention that the attacker wants, calls his/her bluff, and makes a bold move to make a difference instead, with plenty of supporters.

What You Can Do Beginning Right Now

Americans are commissioned by Trump Supporters to make this one of the biggest lessons and movements in history.

  • Everyday People: Do your part. Take the lead in your own circle. Begin a campaign that recognizes new morals must be adopted in order to begin to make America great again.
  • Bullies: Stand down from your need for attention and put it somewhere that matters. Begin a new and more valued venture. Advocate against those who stand in the way of those who need help. Much of what Trump has done is standing against the bullies of our government and media, and Trump has zero tolerance for unfairness. You can either join him and help protect by leading your own campaign for the good of others, or you can stand by and watch. If you’re going to fight for something, be the former bully that turns it around for the betterment of others.
  • Victims: Whomever has targeted you, they will be your motivation to find someone who needs your help. Who do you advocate for? Who is being ignored? Seniors? Someone who is hospitalized? Animals? A minority group? Homeless people?  Go help. Don’t wait. Don’t put it off. Do your homework and begin today. Put some thought into who’s life you can make better. It may not even cost you a dime. Maybe it is simply an elderly person who needs a visit from a friend.
  • Children & Parents: Bullies on the schoolyard can be the example that bring all children to a new level. The child who is being victimized leads a mission where they can get others on board to help. Bring in community supporters. Ask for help. Call the local news. Take the spotlight off the bully, and get it on someone who needs assistance.

Everyone has a chance and an opportunity to take the lead in the Trump Movement. This is your opportunity to get motivated to begin to make a bigger difference. Look around you. It is time for a change.

Get on board for the new Trump Movement.

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