NEWS: Multi Billionaire Predicts Financial Catastrophe & Supports Trump

Carl Icahn Predicts Doom and Agrees to Assist Donald Trump if He Wins Presidential Election

September 28, 2015

Carl Icahn, a world famous investor worth over 20 billion, believes that Americans are headed for a financial disaster. He has backed Donald Trump and agrees that he will help in any way that he can.  Icahn supports Trump, saying that Trump is the best person for dealing with the crisis in the economic market of the United States.

The Queens, New York born Investment Activist is self made, having started his career in the stock market on Wall Street. After creating a massive empire, the 79 year old financial genius has been recognized by Trump as being the perfect candidate to negotiate with China (Watch the video below showing Trump in Oklahoma a few days ago).

“This is what this country needs. Someone to wake it up….. He’s willing to say what he believes and he’s willing to say, ‘hey this is complete bull$%#t'”.

-Carl Icahn, September 2015

If you have yet to see Icahn speak on the current state of America, watch the 15 minute newly  released video, direct from Icahn’s website, showing his assessment of the crisis, as well as advocating in direct support of Donald Trump.

As of now, end of September 2015, Trump still remains in the GOP lead in political polls. While other candidates are gaining a little more support, Trump Supporters are standing firm. Things could get very ugly for USA if someone doesn’t step in quickly, and start running this country like a business. Trump vows that he can use his experience in building a massive empire to accomplish the task of making America great again.

Trump Speech : Oklahoma

Watch Donald Trump at the Oklahoma State Fair, where he demands cameramen to film the crowd, and start being honest in their reports.


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