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Hillary Clinton Emails Exposed

Hillary Clinton emails have been leaked. Amongst thousands of emails, you can now search through and read them for yourself. Dates, times, and senders are shown, as well as forwarded strings of emails, and conversations to and from Hillary Clinton.

How to Search Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails

Here, we will guide you on how to search Hillary Clinton leaked emails the easiest way.

1- Choose a topic: Decide which topic you’d like to investigate first. For example, “I want to know what Hillary Clinton wrote about Benghazi.” 

2- Be creative. You may find something others don’t find, provided that you use the right search term, or terms. Think of a common phrase that may have been spoken about between Hillary Clinton and other individuals.

For instance, in the subject of war, a common term is cease fire. To keep your search broad, enter only the word fire to see what the search results offer. You’ll now see all emails that contain the word “fire” including “fire destroys…”, “under fire…”, “severe fire…”, etc. If your search term returns way too many results, narrow it down to your exact desired phrase; in this case, “cease fire“.

3- Help assist others by revealing your findings here in the comments below. This way, others can scan your through comments, and click on specific emails to open up. Copy/paste the page link, and note the topic.

Please leave your findings in comments below, for example:

(Comment) US soldier opens fire and murders innocent Afghanistan citizens. Link here:

Our goal is to help expose the topics as a team. There are simply too many search terms to search for one person. Let’s help exploit the dirty politics and create an easy to read list here.


Direct Link to Clinton Search Database

Click the link here to start your work. Replace the word Benghazi in the search word and use a different word to begin your own search. **Please don’t forget to come back and help others obtain information quickly by posting your topic and the link directly to the email you’ve uncovered! There is no limit to the amount of comments you can make. 

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