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Join Anonymous Trump Voter Poll. See How Many Will Vote for Trump.

Trump Supporters has taken the opportunity to create a place where we can have a publicly accessible Trump vote poll. Anonymous parties who will commit to vote for Trump may click “Yes” below in the 2016 online Trump Supporters poll. The tallied count of votes will serve as a running number of Americans aged 18+ who are registered voters planning to vote for Donald Trump as President.

We understand the confidential nature of your vote and fully respect your privacy. Many have been concerned about the possibility of a rigged election which leaves Trump Supporters without ability to confirm votes. Therefore, we wanted to give Americans the option to anonymously record their preliminary vote on a platform that keeps count of Trump supporters votes without media skewing the numbers. What better way to see how many people out there are ready to back Trump?


Be Sure to Vote For Trump in the Election

If you plan to vote for Trump, you must vote in the official presidential elections to make your vote count. This Trump Supporters poll is not a substitute for an election vote.

Show Your Support

This suggestion is not a demand for your signature in the comments, nor is it an interference in your voting rights. You can choose not to click the vote, and simply vote in the official 2016 election.


You Will Not Be Contacted; No Email Address Required.

Trump Supporters website is in no way affiliated with Donald J. Trump. You do not need to comment below, however you’re welcomed to. You can simply click “Yes” on the poll below, and confirm your age to count your preliminary vote on the Trump Supporters poll.

  • You do not have to provide an email address to vote.
  • You may only vote once.
  • You cannot retract your vote from this website.
  • Your vote will not be submitted to any government agencies.
  • You can remain anonymous. Just click, “Yes” to vote in our poll.
  • Please be a US citizen, age 18+

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Sharing is Very Necessary! We Need Your Help.

Please click share below to share in your social media platforms, so that we can see how many Trump Supporters are truly out there. We need as many votes as possible to get an accurate depiction before the elections. Please save the page and come back to visit, to keep updated on the progress of the poll.


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