Trump Has Covid – Melania Also Tests Positive

Trump & First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus

September 2, 2020 – President Trump has Coronavirus, and Melania Trump has simultaneously tested positive for Covid 19. The first to obtain a positive Covid test result was Trump Aide, Hope Hicks, who apparently began feeling the Coronavirus symptoms, and immediately got tested. Trump and Melania also tested without delay. President Trump has had multiple Covid tests since the start of the pandemic.

Donald Trump’s physician has released a statement that Trump and his wife have Covid, but are doing well as of now, and will go into quarantine for 2 weeks. It is believed that currently, they are asymptomatic.

While several events are scheduled which will now undoubtedly be canceled, there is no doubt that Trump Supporters will still continue to fully support him during his Coronavirus infection. 2 weeks from today will fall on October 23, 2020, which will be less than 2.5 weeks away from the election. If Trump stays asymptomatic, by the time he is able to exit quarantine, the election will shortly follow. If he or Melania acquire Covid symptoms, they will indeed receive world class care in an effort to make a recovery from Coronavirus.


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Fox News Alert: Trump Tests Positive

Prayers for the President

Trump Supporters will await daily updates from White House Representatives & continue to follow the President on social media. We stand together in prayer, love, and support for the continued journey for Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.


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