Trump Supporters: Trump Denies Paying Actors at Campaign Speech

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Donald Trump Denies Paying Actors at Campaign Launch

In a recent media frenzy, it appears that rumors began slamming Donald Trump for allegedly paying actors $50 to cheer and scream at his presidential campaign launch. It would also appear that the party that started the rumors has had some bad dealings with Trump before. Nevertheless, articles began to splatter Google, however MSNBC reports that the allegations are false.

Using pure common sense, can you imagine anyone turning down the opportunity to see the famous Donald Trump in person, whether or not they were offered a quick 50 bucks? Even if you weren’t crazy about the guy, if you knew he was making an appearance in your town, I’m sure you might like to stop by and at least get a glimpse.

Allegations Not Affecting Trump Supporters

Trump Supporters are unaffected by the erroneous allegations, and continue to pile up in support on Social Media such as Facebook.


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