Trump Exposes Biden Lies in Powerful Video

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President Trump Proves Biden is A Liar

Less than a week ago, Donald Trump received nearly 2 million views on the most damaging video yet to be released. Joe Biden is caught on camera in numerous scandalous statements, shedding light on the truth behind his agenda.

  • Biden endorses and praises China.
  • Biden undoubtedly plans to stop fracking.

Biden says, regarding China:

“Rising China is an incredibly positive development.”

“It is in our self interest that China continues to prosper.”

“We want to see China rise.”

“We should hope for the continued expansion.”

“We should be helping…”


The Fracking Argument

Those who oppose fracking claim it pollutes the environment and causes global warming.


Why Banning Fracking Will Devastate America

  • $700,000,000,000 estimated loss to the United States gross domestic product within 10 years.
  • $9,000,000,000 lost revenue in USA
  • 1 million+ estimated jobs lost
  • Unemployment rates increase
  • State tax may increase to support unemployment claims
  • Reliance on foreign countries for energy sources
  • Weakening of American power
  • Oil prices increase


What Happens if Oil Prices Rise

Unaffordable prices may result in homeowners & tenant inability to afford heating bills. Tenants may face shortage of funds, resulting in failure to make rent payments, and possible evictions. Home owners may be forced to substitute with other electric heating sources. This can lead to unexpected costs of new heating system installation charges, higher electricity bills, decommissioning oil tanks, and absorbing the cost of tank abandonment. If home heating costs increase, the ability to make mortgage payments may also decrease, resulting in potential foreclosures. This in turn can decrease property values, as homeowners lose equity and reduce net worth. The prices on numerous other necessities will increase based on the dependence on foreign countries.

Banning Fracking has the ability to devastate the US economy and the power of the nation.

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