Trump Rally Portland Draws 3000 Cars with Trump Flags

Trump rally Portland

Rally Draws Over 10,000 Trump Supporters; Vehicles Flood Streets and Wave Trump Flags

A massive gathering of over 10,000 people in Portland took place on 8/29/20 and over 3000 vehicles celebrated Trump in a historic driving rally.

Youtuber, Open N Review released the promotional video showing crowds of Trump Supporters cheering in support of Trump. He later released full videos covering the event.

Cars and trucks, rigs, military vehicles and even a horse waved the 5 foot Trump flags proudly. The patriots also added Thin Blue Line Police Support flags to truck beds, alongside huge American flags.

Another Portland Trump rally event is set for Labor Day September 7, 2020.

Open N Review YouTuber states, “Oregon has a huge silent majority and they are no longer silent.”


“We pray for our President and we pray for America…. This is not a protest. This is a celebration of our Freedom.” -Twitter @AlexKyzik


Trump Rally Portland

Trump Flags Wave for Freedom at Portland Trump Rally

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