Trump on Haitians: “They Probably Have AIDS.” Is it True?

Trump Haitians AIDS

Trump Warning: The Truth About AIDS in Haiti

October 9, 2021

In a recent FOX NEWS interview, Donald Trump shocked viewers with his candid assertion that many Haitians attempting to illegally enter the USA “probably have AIDS.” Is it true?

Trump’s Comments here: 

Beyond the southern tip of Florida lies the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We reviewed data from AIDS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION, A NONPROFIT, TAX-EXEMPT 501(C)(3) ORGANIZATION, who state: 

“Haiti has the highest prevalence of HIV infection in Latin America and the Caribbean. It faces the worst AIDS epidemic outside Africa and bears the greatest burden of HIV in the Western Hemisphere. The epidemic began in the late 1970s and has spread widely throughout the country. Today, Haiti faces a generalized epidemic fueled by endemic poverty, high illiteracy rates and inadequate health and social services that have been further weakened by chronic political instability, high internal migration rates and a high prevalence of sexually transmitted infections.”

“In 2016, an estimated 150,000 Haitians are living with HIV, out of the 10 million total population.  An estimated 7,900 new HIV infections occurred in 2016. Gender prevalence amongst adults (15-49) shows women at 2.5% compared to men at 1.7%.  Out of the 150,000 Haitians living with HIV, approximately 85,000 are on treatment.” (Source:

CDC Statements on Diseases in Haitians

The CDC has summarized Haiti’s problem with poor sanitation and disease, including:

  • Diphtheria (fatal)
  • Hepatitis A (fatal)
  • Hepatitis B (fatal)
  • Typhoid (fatal)
  • Rabies (fatal)
  • Active Cholera transmission (fatal)
  • Malaria (fatal)
  • Dengue (viral- mosquitoes)
  • Chikungunya (mosquitoes)
  • Zika (mosquitoes, unprotected sex)
  • Cholera (intestinal: poor hygiene caused by contamination of food, fecal matter ingestion)
  • Leptospirosis (contact with contaminated animal urine)

Potential Disease Spread in USA is Cash Cow

If one takes a trip to Haiti, the CDC themselves warn travelers to be updated on vaccinations & use precautions against contracting severe illnesses running rampant in the country.

Since the CDC is so intent on pushing vaccines, and physicians & hospitals make money off of insurance companies who pay for them, is it any wonder that nurses who oppose vaccines would be dismissed from their jobs for refusing vaccinations? The medical system and liberal “commandments” are much like staunch religious cults who do not tolerate dissidents or objection. Opposers will be dismissed and shunned, ostracized and humiliated when the organization stands to lose money. So, why would Liberals welcome disease? Simply, it’s a cash cow. The more illness, the more hospitalizations, the more money, the more grants, the more pharmaceutical stocks rise, and the more the media maintains control and increases profits through fear-based mind control. And of course, the illegal aliens want free housing, food and living expenses, which promotes the liberal narrative and serves to continue funneling cash into the pockets of politicians.

Trump Warnings Sound Alarm

Donald Trump has pulled no punches in dropping truths that most others would be afraid to say aloud for fear of being “canceled” or attacked. There is now a higher potential for disease across the United States, and very likely a chance of more sanctuary cities, higher taxation, increased corruption, and ultimate destruction of the country if Democrats & the godless continue to drive it into the ground. Stand against Liberalism & leftist propaganda and do not become intimidated or silenced by the liberal cultic indoctrination. The nation is witnessing a level of mind control, coercion, lies and bullying that has never been quite so blatantly abhorrent in history. It is time for Conservative Americans to unify and hold to their principals & standards. In the absence of Republicans leaders who have cowered to the left out of fear of financial loss, we remain united and vigilant against the evil that has taken over the greatest nation in the world.

And we will not bow.


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