New Trump Interview Banned – Watch it Here (Lara Trump Interview)

Trump Interview Removed from Facebook

April 3, 2021

Lara Trump interviewed Donald Trump and the video recording was removed from Social media. We’ve located it for his fans to view here on Trump Supporters.

Trump looked fantastic, well rested, and healthy. He spoke of the “sad situation” where he was demonized by the Media, while the same has not been done to Biden. The fake media was a hot topic in the interview, as well as Hunter Biden, Trump’s press releases, his response to a potential new social media presence, the corrupt media, how the world now sees USA, and more.

When asked about how the World must be looking at America, Trump said:

“Can you imagine China looking at us and they’re talking about Dr. Seuss and that was like, the big thing of the day?”

Watch the full Donald Trump Interview with Lara Trump

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