Trump Net Worth over 8 Billion

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Trump Net Worth over 8 Billion Dollars

Trump announced in his campaign launch that he had a net worth of over 8.7 billion dollars. He stated that he hired the top accountants in the world to put together his financial statement, so he could disclose it to the American public.

Forbes states that they figured Trump’s net worth to be over 4 billion, less than Trump professed on his own behalf. One might question exactly what data Forbes was using when proposing to determine a value to Trump’s name. A statement was added in their recent article that Trump valued his own brand in the 8.7 billion dollar quote. Is this a surprise? Does a brand have no dollar value? Is the Trump name itself worthy of not a cent? In my opinion, branding is half of what made Trump what he is today, in addition to his real estate negotiation power plays. Who wouldn’t include the name with a high degree of value?

If all of Donald Trump’s multi million dollar business entities had separate names which did not bear the Trump insignia, and instead used different business branding, would they have ever amassed such a fortune?

There’s not a person in the world who has never heard of the Trump brand. From hotels to TV to real estate to books, Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he built his brand. Of course the name accounts for half of it. Would you venture to think you’d visit one of his hotels if it was called Donald Inn? Would you expect to pay top dollar at one of his golf courses if it was called Don’s Swing & Putt?

If Trump wants to figure in his name at a few billion, I’d say it’s because it’s one of the biggest brands in the world, and he has that right.

See what B2B International has to say about name branding.

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