Trump Returning to Stage – Get Ready, America

Trump Returns to the Stage Sunday at 3:40PM

President Donald J. Trump will make his first appearance back to the stage on February 28, 2021 at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference.) He is set to be the final Speaker, closing out the 3 day conference. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be packed with speakers including Ted Cruz (Fri 10:50am: Bill of Rights, Liberty and Cancel Culture); Donald Trump Jr (Fri 3:25pm: Reigniting the Spirit of the American Dream); Dan Bongino (Fri 3:55pm: Remarks) and numerous others. View the PDF Download Schedule here on Google Docs.

Other subjects discussed at the conference will be:

  • Tolerance Reimagined: The Angry Mob and Violence in Our Streets
  • Protecting Elections
  • The Left’s Assault on a Free People
  • Big Tech is For Sale and China and Russia Are Buying
  • The Looming Humanitarian Crisis at the Border
  • Who’s Really Running the Biden Administration
  • So You’ve Been Deplatformed– What Now?
  • The Left’s Agenda on Healthcare
  • and many more…

Trump is Ready – So Are His Supporters

Trump will be speaking about the future of the Republican party and the movement of Conservatives. We are expecting some hard hitting moments in the upcoming speech.

America seems to have deflated drastically since the current President took office. Many have completely stopped watching news channels all together after Trump left office. Fox News viewers were infuriated by the station’s sudden harsh left slant, and abandoned the channel, announcing others to do the same. It is stated that Fox News suffered their worst ratings in 2 decades as Trump left office. Before leaving office, Donald Trump was clearly aware of the shift in political agenda, and urged audiences to switch to One America News Network and Newsmax.


Watch Trump’s 2020 Speech at CPAP

Did you miss Trump’s CPAP speech in 2020? Watch it here:



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