Trump Rips Biden and Warns America

Trump Tears Into Biden’s Leadership & Gives Warning to Americans

March 23, 2021

Donald Trump delivered a powerful message today on Fox News regarding the Biden Administration’s policies and actions so far as President.

Title 42, which Trump created, restricts the border to non-essential travel. Numerous liberal websites make claims that immigrants are locked out of the border and desperately want in. “They’re applying nothing. They’re not doing Title 42 or any Title,” Trump said. “People are just pouring into our country and they will destroy our country…. Right now you don’t have anything protecting our country. People are just blowing through.”

It was no secret that Trump wanted no part in illegal aliens sneaking into the country, unless they came in legally. In the interview, Donald Trump warned Americans, “You’re gonna have ‘pack the courts’, you’re gonna have big tax increases, they’re gonna take your guns away…. I never thought in a million years, nobody did, but I never thought in a million years that Biden would be far worse than Bernie Sanders. This is Bernie Sanders on steroids. This is what he’s doing… and you haven’t seen anything yet. So the second amendment is gonna be obliterated. There’s no stopping them, and our leadership, Mitch, isn’t strong enough to stop people…”

Trump’s Warnings Continue

Two things Trump fought for the hardest while in office was full protection of the 2nd Ammendment, and reduced taxes. He now warns that the new Administration will destroy both, in addition to implementing the Green New Deal. “They’re gonna spend a lot of money on Green New Deal stuff. That doesn’t work,” he said.

The Border has also attracted alarming numbers since Trump left office. Adult traffic has increased a massive 188% while unaccompanied minors have increased by a full 92%.

Also addressed was the $500,000,000 being paid under Obama to countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras for “economic development.” Trump took control and said, “Stop payment.” The countries were previously taking the money but turning the criminals back to America, treating the USA “like amateurs, which they were,” Trump said. Thereafter, the aforementioned countries suddenly shifted stance to welcome MS-13 criminal gang members back into their countries.

Trump’s unbridled warnings continued as he reminded viewers, “They’re coming over not from the 3 countries plus Mexico– they’re coming over now from Yemen, they’re coming over from the Middle East, who the hell knows what they’re taking in! These people are destroying our country– I said it was gonna happen before the campaign, that’s why I got 75 million votes…”

On freedom of speech, Trump said, “They’re persecuting people! They’re stopping them from talking, they’re stopping free speech, and they’re persecuting great Americans!”

Watch the Media Lie About Lies

In the following video, Liberal ABC News reporter speaks of the crisis. She makes reference to Trump’s “cages” (which were actually built & implemented by the Obama Administration) and then admits that “minors” are allowed in to USA with parents, labeling them “asylum seekers” who are not turned away. Another Liberal reporter responding to her uses Covid as the excuse for the flood of people, saying they need jobs.


DHS Alexandro Mayorkas Blames Trump for “Dismantling” the system, yet says “Don’t come.”

In an unsurprising rant, Lawyer Mayorkas, who had served under Obama as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security and Director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services, blamed Trump for the border disaster. Who is Mayorkas? He is a Hispanic immigrant who supports immigration. More on Mayorkas (AP News) here. 


Hear the Trump interview here: 


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