Trump Speech in North Carolina June 2021

Trump Speech – North Carolina Republican Convention (June 2021)

President Trump spoke at the annual Republican State Convention in North Carolina on Saturday, June 5, 2021.

Within 15 minutes of the start of the speech, Trump brings up 2024: “We’re going to do numbers like you’ve never seen before…. I stand before you today, confident that the people of North Carolina will decisively reject Joe Biden and the radical Democrats, the war on the American worker, the American family, and the American nation.”

Eric Trump’s wife Laura, born in North Carolina, was invited to speak. Thereafter, Trump introduced and fully endorsed Congressman Tedd Budd as the next Senator of North Carolina. Budd briefly spoke and said, “Let’s win this together, and let’s get back to making America great again.”

On Biden, Trump stated they’re putting America last, as demonstrated by 48,000 jobs lost due to the Keystone Pipeline.

“We’re in a different world than we were in just a few months ago.”

The southern border & the wall were discussed. “All they had to do was just leave it alone,” Trump said. “We ended asylum, and asylum fraud… instituted rapid removals on the border… sending people home in record time. We ended catch and release… we empowered ICE to do their jobs… cracked down on sanctuary cities… deported gang members by the thousands, and dealt a crippling blow to MS-13 who is the most vicious gang of all, and we took them out by the thousands.”

“Under Joe Biden, illegal crossings are up nearly 1000% compared to the same period last year,” Trump said.

On the social media ban topic, Trump brings up Zuckerberg: “They may allow me back in 2 years! I’m not too interested in that!”

Numerous powerful points were brought up in the 1.5 hour speech. Republicans collectively agree that Trump hits the target on the most important issues of the nation– those that have the power to change the entire fabric of America. Cancel culture has taken over, and social justice warriors have attempted to, and succeeded in stripping our once proud country of it’s core values. For the first time in history, a giant awoke and stood up to the dragon of Liberalism. We will continue to stand together and keep the faith that America will be made great again, as was accomplished under the direction of Donald Trump.

Watch the whole speech here:


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