Trump Supporters is Back for Trump 2020

The Original Trump Supporters are Back for Trump 2020.

The original Trump Supporters website is back for the 2020 Presidential Election, and the fans around the world are joining us in full support.

Since Trump became President, our nation has experienced quite a change. Americans are far less likely to be manipulated into believing fake news, without fact-checking. The Democrats have been exposed for their ruthless yet failed strategies, which aim to discredit & slander Republicans. Lies of the Liberal media have been brought to our attention like never before in history. Race baiting in the name of political agenda has been exposed.

Many former Democrats are now on full alert as they’ve witness the repeated lies and corruption on a daily basis. Americans are done playing the fool. America as a whole has woken up, thanks to Trump.

The giant has been awakened. 

We are pleased to be returning to you in efforts to join together in full support for Donald Trump’s re-election.  #Trump2020 will be a critical election for America. With the train moving full speed ahead, slamming the brakes on could be detrimental for our entire country.

We will be offering major news, campaign videos, and updates that we think you may find interesting. We will continue to promote the values, ethics and morals that America was founded on. We will expose the Liberal bias so you continue to stay informed of the facts.

Let’s Keep America Great. Vote Trump 2020.

Stay on course, and let’s continue to support Donald Trump for President in 2020. We vow to stay focused and dedicated. We will keep America running strong and on the right path. We will speak out and stand against the bullying and manipulations of the Left. We will comtinue exposing the lies and tactics that Democrats have used as a weapon against our great President.


We Are One Nation, Under God. We Stand Strong. We Stay United.


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Keep the Trump Train Moving & Share.