Trump Supporters Keep Trump In the GOP Lead : September 2015

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Trump Supporters Keep Donald Trump in the Lead for September 2015

In a recent review of current political CNN polls from 9/4 – 9/8, data is showing that Donald Trump Supporters have kept him at the top of the charts. 32% of Republicans surveyed in telephone and cell phone polls are Trump Supporters, which is continually increasing in the last few months. Ben Carson, former Neurosurgeon, is behind Trump at 19%. Though he has raised up significantly in the past 2 months, he still remains far behind Trump in this poll. Other candidates are not even near Trump’s numbers.

In fact, four major polls show Trump’s numbers on top, showing 29.8% compared to Carson at 16% and the others much further behind.

Trump versus Clinton

In the General Election of Trump vs. Clinton CNN poll on September 11, 2015, Trump ties with Clinton 48/48.

Democratic Polls

In the Democratic nomination, Hilary Clinton is losing ground as more people are becoming aware of the email scandal. While she still remains in the lead, she has dropped below 50%.

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Question For Trump Supporters

Why do you think it is better to have Donald Trump as your next President than former Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson? Leave your comments below!


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