Trump Supporters on the Rise

Trump Supporters on the Rise on Social Media and Presidential Polls

July 18, 2015

While the media is doing their best to slaughter Trump’s name, apparently, it is not working. The numbers are up across the board as Trump supporters are showing no mercy to the news sources who aim to bury him. Backlash is seen in forums, in website and blog comments, and on social media. “Trump 2016!” is splattered all over Donald Trump’s Facebook and Twitter.

Trump Supporters on Facebook

Trump Supporters are increasing on the official Facebook page of Donald J. Trump. The page has staggering 2,402,875 total page likes, which is an increase of 11% from last week. There are 242,218 new page likes as of right now, which is up a full 75% from the week prior.

Trump Supporters on Twitter

On Twitter, Donald Trump has 3.2 million followers. His feed is loaded with #Trump2016 and #TrumpForPresident Tweets, and numerous supporters screaming out love from across the USA. One Tweet even reads, “@realDonaldTrump if you don’t win, I’m moving to Europe”.

Presidential Nomination Fox News Polls as of July 17, 2015: Donald Trump polls

The 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination now places Donald Trump in first place in the polls, ahead of Bush, while the Democratic Nomination puts Hillary Clinton in the Democratic lead.

There is no doubt about it. Trump Supporters are ready for business. And they’re not backing down.

Photo from Donald Trump’s Social Media account showing Trump supporters

Trump supporters
Trump supporters

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