Trump Speech in Arizona Hits Hard (full video)

Arizona Trump Speech Ruthlessly Calls Out Opposers & Media

Thousands of Trump supporters showed up to hear the no holds barred amazing Arizona speech on July 11, 2015, given by Donald Trump at a 4000+ occupancy Phoenix convention center. Trump took no prisoners in his hard hitting speech which lasted over an hour. The crowd of screaming supporters gave Trump plenty of respect, allowing him to get his assertions across without being interrupted, other than one brief disturbance by opposers.

Macy’s, Univision and NBC have recently pulled out of contractual obligations, relationships or arrangements with Trump, based on his controversial statements and opinions. Trump has slammed illegal immigration the hardest, and has emphasized the horrendous current state of the USA due to lack of competence of leaders. “We have stupid leaders,” he says. “They don’t know what they’re doing”. He also stated at the beginning of the speech, “For some reason, some people don’t get it and I don’t think they’ll be in office much longer…” as the crowd roared in agreeing cheers.

Trump on Macy’s, ESPN, Univision, and NBC

Trump stated that the head of Macy’s called right before he was about to give a speech. Lundgren of Macy’s told him that he’s is too controversial and therefore he had to cut his Macy’s deal due to the pressure of losing customers. Seemingly unaffected by the cut ties with Macy’s, he slams the company by saying, “Thousands and thousands of people are cutting up their Macy’s credit card.” The crowd cheered. Trump also announced other companies who severed business ties with him, by disclosing that he is hitting them right back with lawsuits.

Trump hits on headline exagerrations, and made some statements about media being bad people. He describes a call he received from a friend regarding “ESPN drops Trump.” He then set the record straight to listeners, seemingly unaffected by the loss. “You know what they were doing? They rented my golf club for a day. They put up a big deposit, I took their deposit, and then I rented it to somebody else; I made two for the price of one. No, it’s true, ” said Trump as the supporters cheered.

Trump states about Mexico’s leaders: “I respect Mexico greatly as a country  but the problem that we have is that their leaders are much smarter, sharper and more cunning than our leaders, and they’re killing us at the border, and they’re killing us in trade. They’re killing us.”

The speech was mind blowing, comical, energetic and very surreal. By far, one of his most memorable since he announced his candidacy about one month ago. This is one speech you don’t want to miss.

On Facebook, Trump has over 2 million followers, streams of comments showing passionate support, and thousands and thoisands of likes and shares. It is quite evident, after many said he wouldn’t run, that Donald Trump is not playing games. He is taking no prisoners, calling out the media hype, and addressing issues head on like a raging bull. Using no teleprompters, Trump is racing his way to the top, and people are getting on board, tired of the empty promises of politicians across the board.

“We don’t need any more politicians”, Trump said in his initial presidential candidacy announcement speech.

Not only does it appear that a massive amount of Americans are jumping on the Trump Train, much of America is taking on a newer and tougher attitude. As Trump so eloquently continues to remind them… “We are going to take our country back again,” and Americans are ready. 

Watch the Arizona Trump Speech Video, July 11, 2015 (found on YouTube)

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