USA Protests 2016 – Are Refugees Amongst Riots in America?


“Protests” in USA: Many Suspect Refugee Riots.


Potential disaster may be right in front of American’s faces, while the media has yet to address the possibility of what’s really going on. Lately, the USA has become known as “a third world country” as the protests have many times turned to domestic terror riots. Refugees have arrived in droves. It isn’t tough to piece together. Other countries watching from afar have brought down heat on the United States due to it’s disastrous state of tensions. But, are they seeing something we’re not seeing?

The refugee crisis has come to light in 2016. International riots have broken out as migrants run from their own countries looking for free healthcare, accommodations and government assistance. The US government has already planned to allow in more refugees. Meanwhile, police are lining up in barricades as commanded by their superiors. Police officers have been baited and targeted. “IRS scammers” who are usually located in Pakistan or Nigeria have become more widespread. America is being targeted. Many antagonists are praising Allah in social media, and in YouTube commentaries where riot videos are shown.


Walking in Front of Bullets


Why is this going unnoticed? How can we be sure of who is luring the police, refusing to comply, and stepping in front of the “suicide bullets”?

Mass chaos has erupted in other countries, yet the US has stayed strangely quiet about the gross similarities in upheaval. While Clinton wants no wall to keep entry under control, she plans to welcome refugees and illegal immigrants, knowing the danger that it’s caused abroad. We have seen the riots get bigger, more police targeted, and citizens clueless as to what’s right in front of them. Other countries have spoken out, saying “It was never this violent.”

Where did all of the refugees migrate to? Why the upsurge in violence?

Many Americans have begun to fear walking down their own streets. Many have become afraid of being labeled racist. Many have become afraid to speak at all, in fear of violence. The exact same thing has happened outside of the USA, yet the link has not been brought to media attention.


See just a few of the similarities of what’s now happening in the USA, as compared to other countries.


May 2016 riots Italy – Austria


Early 2016 Sweden Violence


Watch a video on rioters from Africa


Watch a video of rioters in USA.



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