Vaping Flavor Ban – Millions Threaten to Vote Trump Out, Cuomo Lawsuit Begins

Vapers 18+ Nationwide to Turn the Votes Against Politicians if Vaping Bans Commence. Lawsuits Begin.

In September 2019, Trump announced his goal to ban flavored Vaping ejuice in the USA after news media reported manipulative fake news stories regarding vaping. The storm has erupted after many teens who were purchasing THC ejuices and vaping illegal drugs from dealers on the streets ended up hospitalized. Black market ejuice cartridges holding the liquids (also known as “carts”) contained Vitamin E acetate, which was used by drug dealers to cut the vaping liquid, in an attempt to increase profits. Teens were also illegally using standard ecigarettes as means to vape cocaine, meth, and other drugs. As a result, adult Vaping enthusiasts, totalling over 20,000,000 in the USA, are about to take the heat by losing access to the very products that help them stay smoke-free.

Vaping enthusiasts aged 18+ say they will swarm the polls with the purpose of negatively effecting voting outcomes. Politicians responsible for vaping bans will be voted against by legal voters who vape, they say. The plan was brought forth on the heals of Governor Cuomo’s announcement of a New York ban on flavored e-cigarette liquid. Cuomo falsely stated that it is a “fact” that e-cigarettes are “dangerous”. To date, there are no known illnesses linked to standard ecigarette vaping.

Petition to Vote Against Anti-Vaping Politicians

A vaping petition has just been created calling out for any and all persons of legal voting age to commit to vote against any lawmakers or politicians who ban ecigarettes or flavored ejuices. The petition was started in New York State and is being circulated amongst vapers in the USA, as well as vaping shops, ex-smokers, and current smokers who are concerned for their Consumer Rights.

Responses seen on YouTube videos regarding the ban of flavored eliquids:

  • “Everyone will just turn to cigarettes.”
  • “Adults shouldn’t suffer because kids are illegally doing drugs and getting sick using ecigs. Might as well ban spoons. They’re used by addicts to cook drugs.”
  • “All you guys want is people to get back on smoking because that’s where all your money comes from! Flavors we like keep us from smoking and you all know it!”
  • “Well? This is one way to get kids to start smoking.”
  • “Was gonna vote for him in 2020. He lost my vote.”
  • “Ok, so because kids vaped drugs to get high, let’s all suffer. A few dealers go to jail for dealing it and WE ALL DO THE TIME FOR THEIR CRIME.”

Why Vaping Enthusiasts Are Planning Nationwide Votes Against Trump

Most people who have successfully quit smoking did so using flavored e-liquids such as strawberry, mint, orange, desserts, custards, and other flavors. In fact, most refuse to be forced to use tobacco flavors, as they have specifically used more pallette-enticing flavors to get off of cigarettes. As a result, adult Trump Supporters are standing against anyone who infringes on their rights to choose products which have not been proven harmful.

Trump Supporters have also made numerous complaints that nothing was done when the FDA classified e-cigarettes as “Tobacco products” in 2016, though they contain no tobacco.

Health Associations Misrepresenting Vaping and Push Big Pharma

The American Heart Association, CDC, and American Lung Association have also made misleading statements while continuing to push for consumers to purchase products with known high failure rates in smoking cessation. The American Heart Association website states, “E-cigarettes are sometimes marketed as a way to quit smoking, but there is not enough conclusive scientific evidence that it works.” However, with the drastic increase in smokers who have quit, the soar in ecigarette and vaping devices, skyrocketing eliquid sales among adults, and massive reduction in cigarette sales, vapers are now fighting back. They allege the vaping ban provokes ex-smokers to return to cigarettes if forced to use cigarette flavors. As a result, state profits would increase based on the Master Settlement Agreement and revenue from big tobacco.

New York Lawsuit Begins Against Cuomo

A lawsuit has been filed against Cuomo by the Vapor Technology Association, Benevolent ELiquids Inc., and Perfection Vapes Inc., after Cuomo announced the ban ecigarette flavors in New York. Cuomo’s ban forces vapers to use cigarette flavored ejuices after millions have quit smoking cigarettes. Vapers fear tobacco flavors will trigger them to buy cigarettes again, especially since the tobacco flavors are unpleasing.

One vaper on social media states, “There’s a reason Cuomo wants to push cigarette flavors and make it impossible to buy something that gets your mind off cigarettes. Kids will turn to cigarettes instead of Juuls, and he will amass a fortune for NY. Follow the money trail.”

The Albany lawsuit states:

“The extensive peer-reviewed scientific evidence suggests that adults of all ages prefer many categories of e-liquid flavors – including fruits, sweets, and cool flavors – and widely use non-tobacco- and non-menthol-flavored products.”

Read the full lawsuit, filed at the Albany County Clerk’s office on September 25, 2019:

Cuomo Supreme Court NY Vaping Lawsuit, Albany County

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