Why We Support Donald Trump as Next President

Why Trump Supporters Continue to Support Donald Trump

It is no secret that Trump Supporters are diehard enthusiasts for his vision for America. More and more, people continue to support Donald Trump as he opens up to the USA. Among the strong points that Trump has portrayed, his supporters have taken note of his intolerance for attacks, his vision of an empire, his willingness to stand against the dirty, behind the scenes games that go on in government, and his blunt force in dealing with liars and opposers. Trump is not weak by any stretch of the imagination. His supporters want someone like that representing the image of our country. Love him or hate him, Trump has followed through on his word so far to the American people. He has refused to be beaten by weak attempts at media ploys, and has only gotten stronger in the runnings. Currently, his Facebook page shows over 4 million subscribers.

The masses who continue to support Donald Trump see a marketing and business genius who is in no mood for pussy footing around. He has become an exceptional success and has reminded onlookers that he knows exactly how to create an empire.

What Has Donald Trump Built?

A simple search on the New York State corporation website reveals pages upon pages of hundreds of Trump Corporations. Here are some things you may be familiar with:

  • Trump Towers
  • Trump Real Estate
  • Trump Casinos
  • Trump Construction
  • Trump Golf
  • Trump Clothing
  • Trump Hotel
  • Trump Models
  • Trump Pageants
  • Trump Plaza
  • The Apprentice


While these are just a few of the numerous legal entities owned by Trump, they are certainly the most well known names in any category. When one thinks Trump, one thinks wealth. There likely isn’t an American alive that doesn’t know the Trump name. Hence, millions continue to support Trump in any venture he creates.

How Can This Benefit America?

Donald Trump’s Supporters know that Trump has a vision of grandeur. He can take something and build it into greatness. He can transform something of the least significance into a revenue generating success. What do you see when you look at the state of the United States? Do you see an empire, or do you see a failure? Do you see potential for growth in the near immediate future? In the eyes of many, Trump is the one that will bring pride back to a country. If one is to make America into a thriving success, it must be done by someone who can view it as a business. In the grand scheme of things, Trump looks at a project and makes a determination if it can be salvaged, and turned around. If he so sees the potential in a business, he will own it and lace it with gold. There should be no reason to suspect that the same cannot be done to the biggest venture of all; a country in need of a turnaround.

Foreign Matters

Of course there will be the opposers who attempt to defame Trump, claiming he has no experience or ability to handle foreign issues. Trump sees the excessive costs associated with trade, and therefore has in fact, done business with other countries in a way that would make him profitable. He has likely done more business with other countries than any other presidential candidate.

As for military, who on the panel has been so straight forward as to explicitly state that they will only bring in the best people to assist? Simply stated, Trump has not pretended to be an expert in personally handling military matters. He will however, bring in the most advanced experts; Something no one else has vowed to do. The number one rule in business: Always delegate positions to the experts if you are not an expert yourself. Trump is already showing that he is well prepared for Presidency.

Please continue to support Donald J. Trump, as he continues on his campaign for the next President of the United States.

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